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2 Bedroom, 2 full bath(s) $2050 - $2250
2 Bedroom, 2 full bath(s), 1 half bath(s) $2300
3 Bedroom, 2 full bath(s), 1 half bath(s) $2450
3 Bedroom, 3 full bath(s), 1 half bath(s) $3500
5 Bedroom, 4 full bath(s) $3750

Studio, 1 full bath(s), Condo $171000
1 Bedroom, 1 full bath(s), Condo $178K - $210K
2 Bedroom, 2 full bath(s), Condo $248K - $270K
2 Bedroom, 2.5 bath(s), Condo $310K - $340K
3 Bedroom, 2.5 bath(s), Condo $350K - $405K


These are fantastic deals to make. Please give me a call at 551.655.1033 to schedule private showings.


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